Thursday, April 28, 2011

Relationships that leave you feeling drained

I am SURE we all have them. Probably most of us have several. I am talking about relationships that leave you feeling EXHAUSTED and emotionally drained. It could be a friendship that is totally one-sided, a neighbor who drives you nuts, a family member who is especially challenging, a friend who only talks AT you and never listens. We all know people who fit these roles in our life. And I have to say, I am STRUGGLING with what to do with them right now. I often wonder what Christ would do with these folks. Is it awful to wonder what Jesus did with really ANNOYING people? Ha! I know we should be open and honest with them, but frankly, sometimes that doesn't seem to make any difference! Some of these relationships have been strained for decades, and I find myself giving up hope that they will ever change. I still pray for them, but what I often need is patience! Patience when I have to interact with them. Kindness in my heart. When do we just let go of these relationships? And how do we manage the ones we truly have to continue with? And where is the line between being HONEST and being unkind? If I completely disagree with EVERYTHING you are saying or feel like you are just blowing smoke, how do I say this in a nice way? How do I tell a person kindly that they never listen to anyone else and a conversation with them is an auditory assault? (Pretty sure that is not what I should say!) Any thoughts anyone? :-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time it is a-flyin'!

Wow, yesterday we celebrated my Mom's 63rd birthday! I am sure she can't believe she has been on this earth for 63 years. Since I had children I see time moving faster and faster every day. Last night when I went to lay down with Isaac (in his now queen-sized bed) I was struck with just how big he has grown. In another year I will be able to wear his shoes! He has grown from a chunky little baby to a tall, lanky boy! And Eden has already outgrown her crib and sleeps in a twin bed. Where have my babies gone?
One thing I know is that you never get one single minute back, once those milestones come they have passed forever. I have been so blessed to be at home with my kids. I would not trade that time for anything, and it is passing way too quickly! So, I am making an effort to live more "in the moment" with my kids. Often I find myself hopping online to "escape" via internet, and just reading crap that doesn't even matter! Then later complaining about how I don't have time to work-out, or get chores done bc I am so busy with the kids. So, I am hoping to make my internet time more purposeful, try blogging more often and surfing much less. And cutting my internet time down drastically, so I can do the things I really care about, like spending time with God, and playing (really playing) with my children, and taking care of my body instead of sitting on my butt!