Monday, November 30, 2009

What my little elves are up to this season

Wow these babies are growing up so fast and I am not even keeping up with their developmental leaps. So...I thought I would blog about a few of the latest developments with the kiddios.
Isaac is talking and expressing himself more and more every day. We have full-fledged interesting conversations now. He is asking "why" about everything and totally into pretend play. He is still not really into writing just yet, but I imagine once he turns 4 he will start getting more into that stuff. He is also dressing himself, though sometimes things go on backwards and / or inside out! He is REALLY excited about Christmas and Santa this year. He is a lot of help with Eden. He brings her toys and most anything I ask him to help with. He is loving Mom's morning out this year.
Eden has 4 teeth, 2 on top, two on bottom. And about to get her 5th one! She is still such an easy, happy baby. She sleeps better than her brother!! She has been crawling since about Halloween, mostly scooting and dragging herself around but she is working on the "real crawl". She can get anywhere she wants to go for sure! She is waving and clapping her hands now, started that on Wed before Thanksgiving. She can say Da-Da and knows what it means, she can say Mama, but only accidentally! She loves watching her brother more than anything else. She has been eating real food for a while now, and is pretty much over the bottle, though I guess I have to keep giving it to her for a few more months!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Funny things Isaac says

Isaac's words:
Amimals (Animals)
Lellow (Yellow)
Crown (Crayon)

"I promise I won't do that for ever again!"

Sometimes when he is standing to pee at the toilet, a fart slips out and he slaps his butt and yells "No poo poo! It's NOT YOUR TURN!!"

~ I am sure there will be more to add later