Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Love Halloween

We pulled out our scary skeleton and put him on the door today and he was losing some body parts. I re-attached one hand, and 2 legs with fishing line. Isaac was totally into it, mostly because he got to use the scissors. So this evening I was at Bi-lo, returning a movie (Year One, which was awesome by the way), and they had their pumpkins on sale. There is my way-cool pumpkin, isn't he scary and awesome? Can't wait to show him to Isaac tomorrow. I think I will always love Halloween. I don't have too many warm and fuzzy memories with both of my parents together, but we definitely always had a blast on Halloween. My parents always took us trick or treating and my dad was an awesome face-painter / costume designer. He would give us a HUGE trash bag to put all of our candy in, but then send us up to the houses with tiny little empty bags to trick-or treat in, so the people at the doors would feel sorry for us and think we had hardly any candy. We would make our little sad urchin faces and get tons of sympathy candy and dump our tiny bags into the giant trash bag when we got back to the car. Yup I am TOTALLY passing that tradition on. :-) Trick or Treat!!

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artandlies said...

Remember hanging out the open van door, holding on to the selt belt as dad careened around greer country club? good times!