Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along?

So here we are, another election year winding down. I, for one, am SO beyond ready for it all to be over. Admittedly, I am pretty opinionated myself, but I have tried to keep a low comment profile unless someone asks my political opinions. Alas, for the past few months, I have been constantly subjected to everyone else's opinions and comments pasted all over my Facebook and Myspace updates.
I understand if you think Obama is "The anti-christ", but really, do you need to share that with everyone? It's cool if you think McCain is a crusty old farting robot, but i really don't consider that a "status update" on you, and since I obviously added you as my friend on myspace or facebook, I probably want to know about YOU, how YOU are doing. I don't care if you wish Sarah Palin could be your BFF or Godmother to your children. I don't care if you think Joe Biden is a rich, evil-genius sitting up in one of his "mansions" counting all his money.
And, by the way, I HAVE in fact, read Obama and McCain's tax plans. Thanks for assuming that you are the only genius person out there smart enough to look at them. And thanks for assuming that anyone who disagrees with you is some poor idiot.
Thanks to all my neighbors, who have a "sign war" going on up and down the street. One neighbor has 4 signs in his yard in protest of the guy across the street's one lonely sign for "the other guy". Oh, and if you refer to Obama as that "N"-word, I am probably NOT taking anything you have to say about him to heart.
Isn't there some general rule of etiquette that religion and politics are sort of taboo subjects? Remember when we type these very ugly and judgmental "comments" we are posting them for ALL of our friends to read AND feel.
I can only imagine what the next few weeks hold for our country. I am sure whomever wins, the other party will cry recount and or scandal, and we will all be stuck watching a media frenzy unfold on our TV's. I would just like for that frenzy to stay on my TV and off my social networking sites. Just tell me about how you have bad gas or what you had for breakfast for God's sake!

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artandlies said...

i do in fact have bad gas. and considering you have experienced the agony of my gas firsthand, wouldn't you rather hear about how mccain just...